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Most of you have already seen this pic when I first posted it on March 28, 2016 and let me tell you, it was as special and more than what you see.  I probably almost cried twice! Actually I did..Lol.  But here’s the story:  The setup: They’re sitting in the back of the wine bar having a drink, I walk in and tell them “I’m the musician for the night and can I play you a song?”  They say yes.  I ask “what would you like to hear?”  He says “surprise us.”  Of course this was planned and I start singing the Lava song which is her favorite song.  After I’m done she says “that was the most perfect song you could have chosen” and he turns to her and proposes.

Go and check out Shawn’s on Congress in Old Town…that’s where this proposal took place.  It’s a great little wine bar with an Island feel.  Mahalo!

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